Care Instructions

KnowMe Shapewear is made from durable, quality seamless yarns that shouldn't run or tear. But like anything, the better you treat it, the longer it'll stick around.

Here's how to do that:

How to Wash your KnowMe:

  1. Hand wash in warm water and lay flat to dry
  2. If you want to use the machine, keep the cycle on delicate and try to use a laundry bag
  3. Do not use bleach, iron, or dry clean
  4. Ideally, you should hang dry it, but if you want to throw it in the dryer, make sure its on low heat & tumble
How to Wear your KnowMe:
  • For bottoms & bodysuits, step into your KnowMe and slide it up to thigh level, pulling firmly over your hips with both hands. Remember, you want to the fit to be snug, it will adjust to you figure as you wear it.
  • For tops & bras, slide into them from over your head, pulling downwards towards your hips firmly with both hands. Straps should rest comfortably on your shoulders. 
    • You can use the bust sheering as a guide for proper placement, resting it squarely in the center front of your chest. (Be careful not to pull on the sheering when putting it on.)
  • Make sure that all contouring lines are sitting nicely in place under your bust & bum to benefit from the extra support & lift. 
  • Make sure all precision ribbing lies comfortably in place over targeted zones for maximum control.
  • Adjust any gusset snaps (bodysuits only) to the most comfortable placement between your legs.